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Child + Junior Ready Rocker


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Child + Junior Ready Rocker


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Child + Junior Ready Rockers can be great for sensory processing and helping kids stay calm and focused! These rockers can assist with concentration, allowing kids to utilize Ready Rockers in the classroom, therapy, or virtually anywhere to achieve the benefits of kinetic motion as they learn. The convenient handle on the Ready Rocker makes it easy to move from location to location. Use with adult supervision.


Try the Ready Rocker wherever you want – in bed, around the house and on the go. If you don’t love it, simply send it back.

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Product Benefits

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  • Rocking can provide people with a sense of security and set a calm tone for individuals with autism. Many individuals, including those with ADHD, can have a higher focus while rocking or moving their bodies.
  • Rock Anywhere - whether it is at home, in the classroom, or out and about, help stay calm and focused while rocking!
  • With a stain-resistant and easy to clean surface, the Ready Rocker is the perfect solution for rocking on the go! The Child + Junior Ready Rockers are covered in a beautiful, vibrant, leather-like finish.

How It's Constructed

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  • Child size weighs roughly 2 pounds and is approximately 13” tall, 11” wide, and 7” deep.
  • Junior size weighs roughly 3 pounds and is approximately 14.5” tall, 14” wide, and 8.5” deep.
  • Innovative patented design with special aircraft-grade alloy engineered to withstand over a million reps with no noticeable loss in rocking force.
  • Computer-controlled, precision-cut polyethylene foam applied to the frame with safe strong water-based adhesive.
  • 100% Polyurethane upholstered fabric removable cover.
  • Strong durability and cover has high resistance to hydrolysis, making it ideal for travel.
  • Martindale test suitable for commercial use products. Passed strict tensile/flex tests.
  • Actual fabric color may vary from the photos seen online.
  • Designed to fit standard seating.
  • Cover Care - Wipe away spills to help prevent staining. Spot clean with mild soap and water. Do not saturate material. Do not machine wash/dry.

3 Unique Styles

Classic Ready Rocker™

• 100% polyester
• Soft and comfortable
• Stain resistant, perfect for feeding time!

Chic Ready Rocker™

• Textured polyurethane
• High Resistance to Water
• Tough, great for travel

Luxury Ready Rocker™

• Buttery soft Italian leather
• Extra padded channel
• Timeless and sophisticated

“The need for self stimulation doesn’t end at the front door. Children with complex medical and/or neurological needs should be able to “stim” safely and comfortably in whatever space they are in, whether it’s daycare, school, a friend’s house, the hospital, or any other space. A safe, portable rocking device could allow access to public spaces to many children who currently have vestibular needs that are hard to manage outside of the home. This device is a game changer for so many families!”
- Christine, In-Home Support Service Attendant & CNA
“My 10 year old son, who was diagnosed with ADHD has a hard time focusing. Self stimulation helps him to do so more easily. Rocking is one way he can do that.”
- Alashandra, Mom of 6
“My son is 4 and has severe, nonverbal Autism. Throughout the day, he engages in self stimulating behavior to help manage his surroundings. Bouncing and rocking helps regulate his emotions and fulfills the sensory input he needs.”
- Deziree, Mom of 2
“The need for self-soothing is so important in the classrooms today. Children with developmental challenges and disabilities should be given the option to sooth themselves in a classroom setting without disrupting others. A portable rocking device would give students in classrooms the opportunity to self sooth while continuing their work.”
- Haley, Mom of 1
“We have used our portable rocker from RockerMama throughout our house. I am a mother of two teenagers who like do their homework sitting on their beds. The portable rocker helps to keep them focused and relaxed, while keeping their posture straight. The rocker is designed exceptional well. It is flexible, yet sturdy and we love the soft grey fabric.”
- Suzanne, Mom of 3
“My 3 year old son has autism and is always seeking sensory input. He will often stim to self-regulate which helps him feel better. A portable rocker is a game changer and could help not only at home, but on the go! It could help make new environments less painful. Waiting is always difficult for my son and I will help him with “squeezes” and inverting his head for stimulation. But the Ready Rocker could help this momma be hands free. Then possibilities are endless!”
- Bre, Mom of 1

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