How The
Ready Rocker™

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...


the Ready Rocker™ securely against an immovable object where there is sufficient support to safely lean into. Firm, flat vertical surfaces work best.


with the Ready Rocker™ between your back and the stationary object, making sure there is enough room for you and the rocker to sit comfortably. Remove any bulky cushions or pillows from behind the rocker.


your weight into the Ready Rocker™, pushing back gently until comfortably reclined. Then simply allow the Ready Rocker™ to rebound you forward. Repeat! 

Tips for the best rocking experience

  • Your back is against a Comfortable but Firm flat vertical surface

    The Ready Rocker works best for many of our customers against a comfortable but firm flat vertical surface. Headboards, walls, benches, chairbacks all can be great. The Ready Rocker can even replace that pile of pillows you used to need just to get comfortable! As a matter of fact, big fluffy pillows might steal away your bounce. Your back will thank you, even if your baby can’t yet.

  • Your seat has Room for both you and your rocker

    Make sure your chair or bench has enough room for both you and your rocker to sit securely. Standard seat depths work well for most individuals, but extra room/deeper seating makes rocking more fun!

  • Angle your Ready Rocker to adjust the rocking force

    Some of us rock soft and others rock hard!  For a gentler rebound, angle your rocker with the bottom away from the surface. For a bouncier rebound, shift the Ready Rocker to a more vertical position.

    If you need even more force to your rock or you’re sharing with a taller friend that needs an extra bounce, check out our Force Foam insert. Place the insert in between the front and back of the rocker. Make sure that the flat side is facing up and the long side is facing front.

  • Your Ready Rocker can fit in most carry-ons and under most strollers

    The Ready Rocker is great for parents and babies on the move. Not only can baby be rocked at the grandparents’ house, but the Ready Rocker can fit in most carry-ons and under most strollers. Use it on a cross-country flight to quiet your crying kiddo and get a round of applause!

  • Try the rocker everywhere!

    Every baby is unique and so are you. Whether you like to rock in your bed, on the sofa in the living room, or in the booth of your favorite family restaurant, each experience is different. Various surfaces and settings will give you different sensations. We recommend trying the rocker in as many places as you can. Post pictures of your favorite and tag us!
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Use the Ready Rocker™ Virtually Anywhere

Why Parents Think We Rock

We've got your back.

Its ergonomic design takes the pressure off your back and joints while providing comfort and support. The patent-pending alloy frame helps propel you forward to create the perfect rocking motion.

Made for Multitasking.

The average rocking chair isn’t exactly travel-friendly, and lugging a glider around the house is just unrealistic, but being a mom is no stationary job. The Ready Rocker™ is compact, portable and light. 

Strong Bones, Soft Skin.

From the inside out, the Ready Rocker™ was built with you in mind. It starts with a remarkably strong, specially treated alloy that’s so safe, it’s commonly used by surgeons for precision medical implants. Carefully sourced foam and premium fabrics are used to create a protective shell and soft, stylish outer cover.


Get Rockin'!

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