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This product is AH-mazing.  If you’ve ever found yourself rocking your baby in a chair that isn’t actually a rocker, then you definitely need the Rocker Mama in your life.  This brilliantly designed product can turn any chair (or essentially any immovable object) into a rocking chair!  Simply place it against the object, sit with the rocker between your back and the object, and shift your weight back until you are comfortably reclined.  Voila!  You can now rock your baby into a peaceful sleep, and you don’t have to be confined to your nursery anymore!

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RockerMama™ Awarded "Best In Show" at 2018 Chicago Baby Show

“I love the simplicity and functionality of this product,” one judge says. “As a mom who has spent many hours rocking in one specific chair in one specific room, I am thrilled to see a smart and portable solution that makes it easy to rock baby anywhere and everywhere. I also like the back support it provides.”

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RockerMama™ Awarded "Blogger Favorite" at 2018 Chicago Baby Show

The Ready Rocker just launched officially at the Chicago Baby Show and clearly made an impression. It lets your turn any chair, bed, airplane seat, and more into a rocking chair to rock baby in on the go. Just set the Ready Rocker securely against an immovable object where there is sufficient support to safely lean into, then sit with the Ready Rocker between your back and the stationary object, and, finally, shift your weight while pushing back gently until reclined. Then simply allow the Ready Rocker to rebound you forward to your starting position.

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RockerMama™ On Nashville Parent

Now you can rock anywhere, anytime with this lightweight back rest rocker. It’s the first of its kind and is made with a special grade alloy that is commonly used in medical implants. It’s also made with high-end leather.

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